Fotonoid goes Podcast

The Fotonoid has been a topic here on the blog a few times. Here and here. On the photo he is standing on a stage with Mrs. Winkler, the former boss of Smart. Why do I always come back to him? Because I find him not only extremely nice, but also extremely good. The man is not booked worldwide because he’s so cuddly, but because he’s got it. And it’s a joy to blog positive things. (Even if diss posts are often more successful. )

Fotonoid has been tinkering with a new podcast format for about a year now. “Shut up & talk.” There he invites highly diverse people and talks to them about completely different things. In many interviews, the bio is prayed down and then advertised for the new book, the new show and the new film.

The Noid does it a bit differently. In the first episode, he talks to rapper MARZ – about soccer. And persistently so.

By the way, if you’re wondering why the Noid’s camera delivers perfect exposure and color and the MARZ’s camera doesn’t – the latter is not an Oly.

I’m not much into soccer – but I found this exciting. Not only because Nuremberg and the Frankenstadion are also in it. (Even if the relationship between VfB and Club has been a bit strained since the 2007 cup final).

There’s more to come in the next few weeks. And it probably won’t be about soccer.

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  1. Ein mit Olympus fotografierender Ausnahme-Fotograf, mit sehr hohen Wiedererkennungswert, ich kenne Ihn nicht, fand Ihn aber mit den ersten Fotos die ich im Forum sah, sehr gut, sehr anders.
    Damals hatte ich Ihn als Visionary vorgeschlagen, leider haben Sie nicht reagiert, nach wie vor schade, seine teilweise spektakulären Aufnahmen würden gut zu einer Oly-Kamera passen,
    Gruß Frank

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